About us

Our mission

We believe that in an era where digital rules, mobile payments should be the norm. Payconiq eliminates the need for old fashioned payment methods like cash, credit cards and those annoying card readers. We are here to innovate, simplify and deliver. We will not rest until our users can use their smartphone to pay for everything, everywhere at anytime.

Our product

Payconiq leads the transformation of the payment industry in Europe. We’ve created one app which can be used for omnichannel payments: in store, online and between friends. Consumers benefit from quick & easy payments through their smartphone while merchants reduce checkout times and pay smaller fees per transaction than any other payment method.

Participating banks

With the support of the biggest banks in every Payconiq market, we are sure to make an impact and expand our user base in no-time. Our partner banks play an essential role. They ensure users of a secure registration process and merchants of a trustworthy reseller. While these major banks concurrently function as our shareholders and resellers, Payconiq is a fully independent entity.


Payconiq adheres to the highest security standards. All data is encrypted and secured by your PIN or fingerprint. We only transfer necessary payment data such as your IBAN, the amount, and the identity of the beneficiary to your bank with the highest level of encryption.


Payconiq is currently active in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg with local offices in each of these markets.

Our Luxembourg office functions as our international headquarter. It also harbors our partnership with Digicash who, with their knowledge of the local payment landscape, help us introduce mobile payments throughout the country.


Our efforts to redesign Europe’s payment
landscape have already been acknowledged and rewarded at the 2017 Lovie Awards. Payconiq took home the gold by winning the Best User Experience jury award and (more importantly) the People’s Choice Award.