24/7 Site Reliability

When you’re in the business of connectivity and bridging gaps between your client’s financial operations then there’s one key aspect that your organization should imperatively possess. It’s no other than reliability. Payconiq boasts a secure, scalable, and easily connectable payment platform. We take pride and aim to cater to the needs of our clients all […]

PQI Payconiq DevSecOps

Modern technology is changing the way organisations in the financial sector provide their solutions to growing markets. The most common area where these changes are happening is with the financial transactions that occur between consumers and businesses. Since these operations usually involve money, financial institutions and their customers have become prime targets by cybercriminals. In […]

These payment solutions can no longer be ignored in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a highly influential driving force behind the recent wave of innovation within the payment sector. Businesses and financial institutions have needed to act quickly to stay ahead of the resulting trends and changes. Those who have been quick to adapt have seen the benefits of incorporating new technologies — improved […]

Payconiq International is the new technology partner for iDEAL 2.0 in the Netherlands.

In December 2020, Currence iDEAL announced iDEAL 2.0, with a new infrastructure and new value-added services (VAS). Payconiq will act as iDEAL’s technical service provider, modernizing the underlying technology and developing new services. The new iDEAL 2.0 upgrade will go live early in 2022 and provide significant benefits to consumers, payment service providers and merchants. […]