As from today, 20.000 users will have the opportunity to experience quick and easy payments with Payconiq.

Amsterdam, January 23rd, 2018 – As from today Payconiq, the mobile payment service through which users can pay online, on the go and between friends, will offer ING and Rabobank account holders the first opportunity to try out quick and easy payments in the Netherlands. Android users can now download Payconiq from the Google Play store. Payconiq will most likely be available in the App Store for iOS users within the next two weeks.

The first Dutch merchants have already signed up to accept mobile payments through Payconiq. In anticipation of their nationwide release later this year, Payconiq will start to increase the number of merchants over time. From that time on, multiple other banks will offer a direct connection to Payconiq. The payment service will also be available  through multiple online Payment Service Providers.

Pay fast and easy via QR-codes

Payconiq allows their users to simply pay online and in-stores by scanning a QR-code. Thanks to a direct connection with the user’s bank account, transactions can be swiftly processed against low costs for the merchants. Merchants can integrate Payconiq directly into their cash register or use a third party payment provider, as for example, the internet cash register Kassa Compleet or CCV.

Due to Payconiq’s collaboration with CCV, the market leader of payment terminals in the Netherlands, merchants can easily offer and accept mobile payments to their consumers. Once Payconiq is selected as the preferred payment method, the QR-code appears on the pin terminal after which the consumer can scan the QR-code and confirm the transaction via the Payconiq app. Enny van de Velden, Chairwoman of CCV: “We’re excited that we, as a major European payment facilitator, can support Payconiq with the release of mobile payments in the Netherlands.”

Guido Vermeent, CEO of Payconiq Netherlands, says: “We are incredibly proud that we’re getting started in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has always welcomed innovation and the development of Payconiq is living proof of that. We’re looking forward to establish mobile payments Netherlands.”

One European platform

With the introduction of Payconiq, it’s no longer needed to enter long IBAN numbers when making payments. Next to making on- and offline payments, users can easily transfer money to friends and family by selecting a fellow Payconiq user from the personal contactlist in their smartphone. Payconiq is free to use for consumers. Consumers can already pay at over 45.000 merchants in Belgium and Luxembourg and soon in Germany where Payconiq has been released earlier this month.

Note to the press

About Payconiq

Payconiq is a European payment initiative with offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, Hasselt, Luxembourg and Munich. Payconiq, the 2014 brainchild of the ING innovation lab, was founded in Amsterdam. Over 45,000 shops are now actively connected to the system. Payconiq is currently being used in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg.

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Chris Peters, Glasnost International, on behalf of Payconiq

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