Earlier this year, on the 30th of March, Currence and Payconiq announced that Payconiq International is set to be the technical supplier of the payment infrastructure of iDEAL 2.0. This step is part of Payconiq International’s growth strategy where we develop and shape the future of payments for banks, merchants and online payment processors. Using our scalable and state of the art technology, clients like iDEAL use our services to run their platform and develop their payment services.

Modernisation of iDEAL

The renewed iDEAL 2.0 will focus on modernising the underlying technology and developing new payment services and with that shaping their future. The gathered know-how and expertise of the Dutch market, with the technical solutions delivered by Payconiq International is used to make iDEAL innovate even faster.

Payconiq in the Netherlands

Payconiq International has therefore decided to retire the Payconiq app in The Netherlands as of the 1st of January 2022 and focus its efforts in the Netherlands as the technical supplier of the payment infrastructure of iDEAL 2.0. The Payconiq payment platform continues in other markets under Payconiq International.

Payconiq International

Payconiq International, Payconiq Luxembourg and Payconiq in Belgium (Payconiq by Bancontact) will continue to grow. Developing and shaping the future of payments in the Benelux, Europe and beyond.