How Europe can embrace the promise of open banking – and beyond

Stijn Van Brussel Back in 2015, PSD2 was meant to be a game changer. Open access to bank account infrastructure would level the playing field between incumbents and new entrants, boost innovation, and drive account-to-account (A2A) payments adoption. As European regulators have invited a broad group of stakeholders to evaluate the success of PSD2, it’s […]

Why do value-added services matter for payments?

Brian Boelens & James King  When it comes to payments, it’s never been more competitive. While the unbundling of financial services through new technology has expanded the possibilities for payments, it’s also opened the door for new challengers. This includes fintechs, telecommunications companies and online retailers, alongside the acronym-based giants of GAFA, BATX – all […]

Digital footprint

European Payments Trends: 2023 And Onwards

By Guido Vermeent, CEO of Payconiq International From my front row seat working with banks, businesses and consumers 2022 was a rollercoaster year. From crypto-crashes to e-commerce booms, alternative payments to mobile identity, the world around us is changing fast, especially when it comes to moving money. And, as is often the case, disruption drives […]

Digital Payments For Digital Lives

When you’re running your business, you just want things to work. Nowhere is this more important than payments. There’s enough unpredictability in today’s commercial environment without worrying if your digital and contactless payments are landing where they should. And as more of our transactions move online, banks, payment service providers and merchants need technology they […]

Payconiq and Currence Partnership: Creating a Seamless Payment Flow Together

Guido Vermeent, Payconiq’s CEO, talked with Daniel van Delft, CEO of Currence (iDEAL) about partnerships, focusing on the latest and future trends. They shared their vision on the payment industry and how Payconiq International and Currence shape the future of payments together.  Current Trends: Our Role in Their Evolution and Acceleration Since COVID-19, the demand […]

Payconiq International and Bancontact Payconiq Company release app-based digital meal voucher in Belgium

The new solution enables payment providers and merchants to easily integrate new forms of payment, including value-added services such as meal vouchers. New digital functionality improves experiences for users and merchants, increasing security, convenience, and flexibility in the era of digital payments. Available in the Payconiq by Bancontact app, Belgian users of Edenred, Monizze and […]

Payconiq: The Fast-Growing Payment App, But Not Only

With a strong positioning in the payment industry as a key player in account-to-account payment solutions, Payconiq keeps growing in Luxembourg through its mobile payment application. Together with Guido Vermeent, CEO of Payconiq International, we discuss more about the wide range of services the company offers to banks, payment solution providers and merchants, and its […]

24/7 Site Reliability

When you’re in the business of connectivity and bridging gaps between your client’s financial operations then there’s one key aspect that your organization should imperatively possess. It’s no other than reliability. Payconiq boasts a secure, scalable, and easily connectable payment platform. We take pride and aim to cater to the needs of our clients all […]

PQI Payconiq DevSecOps

Modern technology is changing the way organisations in the financial sector provide their solutions to growing markets. The most common area where these changes are happening is with the financial transactions that occur between consumers and businesses. Since these operations usually involve money, financial institutions and their customers have become prime targets by cybercriminals. In […]