Collaborate with a cloud-based payment processing platform

Optimise the user experience of a payment flow, especially on mobile channels

Easily integrate with 3rd party value-added services based on an API framework

Get a solid and flexible solution able to quickly accommodate new payment use cases

Limit the PSP’s, issuers, and acquirers’ efforts for adhering to the scheme

“Our platform is not just a line of code, it’s the entire experience to create successful payment solutions” 

Stijn Van Brussel, CEO Payconiq International

Simple payments for every situation

However your customers need to pay, Payconiq helps you to adapt to their needs, no matter how fast the market moves.

Seamless Online Checkout

With instant bank app connectivity, request-to-pay payment flow works instantly, while ensuring security through browser or token-based user recognition and supporting dynamic QR codes or app switching with in-app confirmation for maximum flexibility.

Easy Invoice Payments

Professionals get paid faster with embedded dynamic QR codes on invoices linked directly to transactions, or via payment buttons for digital invoices. This improves collection and reconciliation processes via easy integration with various bookkeeping software packages and supports European remittance structures.

Connected In-store Payments

The digital and physical world are connected with one in-store payments journey. Based on dynamic or static QR codes, the platform integrates seamlessly with different POS systems, with or without POS terminals, or via a merchant portal for long-tail merchants.

Direct P2P / R2P payments

Users get paid anywhere with simple payment requests via QR or messaging for fixed (set by payee) or flexible (set by payer) payment amounts. The send payments (payer-initiated) are based on proxy data (email or phone) or location-based through our P2P proxy server.